Wells Fargo Savings Rates

Wells Fargo savings rates are so low right now you would be better off putting the money in a mattress instead of opening a Wells Fargo savings account. That statement literally is true from an investment standpoint, safety would be another issue. Savings rates at Wells Fargo have been so low for so long the bank won't be increasing rates anytime soon. Wells Fargo offering savings rates that low pretty much sums up the fact that they don't want your money. Wells Fargo doesn't want to gather deposit funds offering a decent savings rate, they can get cheaper money when the overnight lending rate between banks and the Fed is so low. Current savings rates at Wells Fargo are at a pathetic 0.01 percent. If you search online for savings rates you can get a rate more than 200 times Wells Fargo savings rates.
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December 18th, 2018
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